Portrait of Scott Frost

Executive, Entrepreneur, Author & Motivational Speaker

Portrait of Scott Frost

Executive, Entrepreneur, Author & Motivational Speaker

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From Lying Paralyzed in a Ditch to Building a Multi-million Dollar Business

A perfect message for these uncertain times.

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On a whim Scott Allen Frost went for a dirt bike ride on a beautiful afternoon in May 2009 and broke his neck, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Terrified, he was left to choose. Give up on life or try to make it better than it was before. Scott chose to live life in the face of tremendous adversity.

The Accident

During his 81 days in the hospital, with the help of his family, friends, and business partners, Scott finished negotiating a lease, raised money for, and designed his first restaurant while enduring a grueling physical rehabilitation. Nine months later, defying every doctor and therapist’s expectation, he walked from his wheelchair to the bar with no mechanical assistance at the grand opening of the restaurant.

Since his accident Scott has served as President of Titan Brands Hospitality Group. He and his team have designed, opened, and operated multiple restaurants and nightclubs in Nevada, Arizona, and New York. Scott has written two books including “Livin’ On a Chair” and the forthcoming “Roll With the Changes”.

Scott will share the story of his journey from lying hopeless in a ditch after his accident to building a successful business from his hospital bed. As he persevered through a grueling physical rehabilitation he discovered the power of attitude, determination, and faith. You will be moved and inspired by the lessons he’s learned after he began a new life in a wheelchair and left pondering the power that resides in and around all of us.

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